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Proceeds from the event have an important impact on our students and teachers, benefitting our Teachers Compensation Initiative and tuition assistance. 


During the STAND UP FOR TEACHERS portion of the event, and through Teacher Appreciation Week, we are proud to honor these incredible individuals, who pour into the lives of each VCS student, by pledging special gifts that will bless them during the summer months.


Foundational to our CARE values are affordability and ensuring families
have access to an innovative, Christ-centered education producing students who thrive. 
Through our Tuition Assistance Fund, we can extend a life-changing education and community to families across the Greater Los Angeles Area, while maintaining the affordability that current families already enjoy. Your support of the Annual Auction and Gala breathes life into the Tuition Assistance Fund that so many families rely on and will elevate the missional goals of Village Christian School.

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